Creating the Free Joomla Templates Menu

In order to create a menu for your template, choose the administration section of the free Joomla templates . The link to this is www.<yourwebsitenamegoeshere>.com/administrator . Obviously, in place of <yourwebsitenamegoeshere>, you need to input the actual URL for your site.  When you install the templates, create a username and password. The same password is used during the configuration or while creating the Joomla template menu. On the Joomla site, you should see the “Extended menu option” is available. This module can be installed. As a recap, these are the tabs which need to be chosen in the following order – Extensions, then module manager, followed by Extended menu options. The Menu style can be kept as Tree List and the Active Menu class can be set as “both”. There is an option called Menu name, from which top menu can be selected. If these changes need to be reflected, then the top menu will appear as a drop down menu. Thus Extended menu module can be used to create and customize the free Joomla menu template.

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